3p-Hosted Video (VAST)

3p-Hosted Video (VAST)

3p-Hosted Video (VAST)

Run your :06, :15, :30, :60s across our SCPN.  Additional ad lengths accepted on case by case.

Supported Platforms
CTV, Mobile, Desktop
Where It Runs
Submitted by sbhavsar on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 13:10


3-5 business days

Asset Deliverables to Sony

3rd party VAST Creatives

File Format

Vast 2.0 Compliant Ad Tags

Max File Size

For VAST ads returned should be mp4 only.  Files should be between 2 to 15 Mbps; multiple file renditions should be ideally available

Audio (Y/N)



Length varies.  Ideal length are either :15 to :30 second video spots

Hosted by

3rd party vendor

Impression Tracking


Other Specs Required?

Refer to SCPN Tech Specs Sheet

Metrics Available

Impression/Clicks/Quartile Tracking

Additional Notes

PS Vue prefer lengths that are multiples of 5 (i.e., :15, :30, :45, and :60)