Custom Vignette (:30)

Custom Vignette (:30)

Vignettes typically run from :30 - :60 and require a custom script and production shoot tailored specifically to the advertiser to merge their brand messaging with a Sony Crackle Original. We will work with you to create a spot that thematically and visually represents the original series and your brand. Vignettes can include talent from our series.

Supported Platforms
CTV, Mobile, Desktop
Where It Runs
Submitted by sbhavsar on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 14:12


2 weeks+

Asset Deliverables to Sony

Brand logo, brand guidelines and agreed upon copy.

File Format

High Res Logo (PSD or Vector AI – Full color/ Dark and White) Horizontal and Vertical lockups
Brand/ Logo Guidelines
1 x 1 tracking pixel (only required if they need to track)

Max File Size

Audio (Y/N)


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