Custom Brand Bridge (:10)

Custom Brand Bridge (:10)

A short :10 piece in which show footage and potentially footage from the advertiser are married together through a common theme. This can function as a highly customized, enhanced billboard.

Supported Platforms
CTV, Mobile, Desktop
Where It Runs
Submitted by sbhavsar on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 14:10


2 weeks+

Asset Deliverables to Sony

Brand logo, brand guidelines and agreed upon copy.

File Format

High Res Logo (PSD or Vector AI – Full color/ Dark and White) Horizontal and Vertical lockups
Brand/ Logo Guidelines
1 x 1 tracking pixel (only required if they need to track)

Max File Size

Texted video with mixed audio
Textless video with split audio (need stems for audio, if there are handles on music that would be great)
ProRes 422 HQ, 1080p, 23.98 fps

Audio (Y/N)


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Impression Tracking

Other Specs Required?

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